One of the areas of discussion at our annual meeting dealt with outreach.  With that in mind, I am looking for volunteers from within our community who are willing to host evenings for small groups to meet at their homes.   Ideally I would like a commitment for days of the week OR days of each month OR a series of dates…as you can see, this is still in the planning (thinking) stages.  Also, consider would you want to be sponsoring a Bible study OR general question and answer session OR lecture OR discussion.  Again, this is still in the planning (thinking) stages.  Let me know what participation you would like to have.  Are you willing to sponsor a weekly event?  Are you willing to sponsor a monthly event?  Are you interested in attending an event held at a parishioner’s home?  Now is the time to offer input in this new undertaking for YOUR Church.  Please see me / e-mail me / call me.  Let me know your thoughts and level of participation.  I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Planiram da organizujem casove Veronauke, casove pitanja I odgovor, casove iz Svetog Pisma, casove upoznavanje sa Pravoslavnom verom. Da bi to moglo da se ostvari potreba mi je vasa pomoc. Otvorite vase domove I da sponzorisete jednu ili vise ovakvih sastanaka. Javite se ako zelite da budete ukljuceni u ovu akciju. Upoznajet Familije koje pripadaju nasoj parohiji a I oni vas. Dodatne imformacije ce te dobiti kada se budete javljali da zelite da budete domacni ovih sastanaka.

 Thankyou -Hvala  Fr. Dane

Stewards and Parishioners of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary have donated funds and goods to several Serbian charities over the years. Some of our parishioners have also participated directly in a program for feeding the homeless during the holidays. This program was originated by Father Dane and Protinica Milica.
But many more opportunities still exist, to fill the empty tables of needy local families with food all year.
And also to help those who are still suffering in Serbia! "How can I help?"

Our locally supported charity is Sunrise Christian Food Ministry in Citrus Heights.  It is completely run by volunteers from local churches (no one is in a paid position), and yet they feed five to thirty needy families a day.  They are not a homeless aid organization, but rather a charity to help poor families.  The families may only collect food once a month, and they must also show proof of residence in the Citrus Heights vicinity.  These strict rules allow this group to help only those who are truly needy! The ministry is only 1.5 miles from our church, and ours is the twenty-ninth church that has begun assisting this  group.  The food ministry is located at: 5901 San Juan Ave., Citrus Heights, CA   95621

We now work at their site EVERY Thursday, from 11 AM – 3PM  Please come and help us if you can.  Or, continue your support by donating foods to the special basket located in our hall.  For more information contact: Luba Karnaookh

Our KSS is currently collecting coats to send to Serbia for "Save Serbian Children".  If you are interested in helping, please contact KSS President Protinica Milica.  Our Church has also offerred to help sponsor "Nasha Srbija", which is a nongovernmental, nonprofit humanitarian organization, founded in March  2000 to provide help and protection for children with specific needs. This organization consists of: humane people, experts in different fields – welfare workers, psychologists, economists, journalists, and lawyers… All activists work in the Organization as volunteers. To donate to this organization on behalf of our church, please contact Father Dane.