Kolo Srpskih Sestara

The history of the Sacramento Circle of Serbian Sisters dates back to 1947. It wasn’t until 1950 that the Kosovska Djevojka received its charter. They had a beginning membership of seventeen women. They dedicated themselves to Faith, Hope and Charity, which is the mission of their organization. The Kosovska Djevojka celebrate their Slava on the feast day of St. Archangel Michael.

In the early years, the objective of the Sisters was to accomplish the building of a Serbian Orthodox Church in Sacramento, in addition to many other charitable works. During their first years, they helped disabled veterans and prisoners of war in refugee camps in Europe. They raised funds by hosting dinners, dances, plays, picnics and raffles.

The Kolo Sisters soon began to prepare and serve Sunday lunches after Liturgy. This was a great way to promote fellowship and became a huge financial success. Soon after, the Sisters began their annual Bazaar and Bake sale. All of their efforts have culminated in enabling the Kolo Sisters to make large financial and material contributions to our Church. In addition, these efforts provided spiritual growth to this very dedicated and committed group of women in service to their Church.

Today the Kolo sisters provide Sunday lunches in the church hall. They continue to hold two annual bake sales during Easter and Christmas. Each year the Kolo sisters make substantial contributions to the church and provide funds for special projects.

New KSS Board for 2010

Sworn in 28the of February

President: Ivanka Stefanovic

1-st Vice-President: Biserka Delic

2-nd Vice-President: Poula Koric

Treasurer: Vera Malkovic

Secretary : Andjelija Jovanovich

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