Parish Information

Orthodox Christianity is the Eternal Christian faith.?
It is Christianity in its original, pre-medieval form, without doctrinal change or adulteration.
It’s Orthodox, but not Jewish.
It’s Catholic, but not Roman.
It’s Evangelical, but not Protestant.                                                              
It’s not denominational; it’s pre-denominational. 
It’s not ancient, it’s not modern…it is Eternal.

Church Etiquette
 The following are a few notes on proper etiquette to adhere to while attending services in the Church. 
Remember to turn off your cellular phones and pagers. Do not cross your legs when seated. Refrain from chewing gum, mints, or candy. Remove lipstick when receiving Holy Communion or when venerating and kissing the icons. Follow the direction of the priest for standing and sitting. Refrain from applauding. No conversations should take place in the Sanctuary. 
Important Reminders 

SCHEDULING OF SACRAMENTS—                                                                                                                            All sacraments are scheduled with Father Dane

EIGHT OR FORTY DAY BLESSINGSContact the Church office or Father Dane or Fr. Bill two weeks prior to scheduling this service. These blessings take place immediately after the Diving Liturgy and families should plan to arrive at the Church no later than 10:00 a.m. Ushers will have seating available for you and will direct you when it is time for the service.

SUNDAY SCHOOLAll youth are invited to participate in the Religious Education program of the Cathedral. Following the reception of Holy Communion, students are escorted to their respective classrooms for the lesson. They are dismissed after Divine Liturgy befor Lunch.                                                 

MEMORIAL SERVICES- PARASTOSIt is the family’s responsibility to contact the Fr. Dane more than two weeks prior to schedule a memorial service for your loved one. The tradition is that the services be done on Saturday or Sunday when is the ecclesiastical colander allows it. Be mindful that conflicts do occur due to the ecclesiastical calendar of the Orthodox Church. It is up to the family to prepare the kolivo (boiled wheat) unless other arrangements have been made. Kolivo should be at the Church on time, and on Sundays no later than 10:00 a.m.

DEATHWhen a death occurs in the family, contact the funeral home of your choice but we prefer Ross Munro from Fair Oaks and Father Dane. Arrangements for the funeral should be made in conjunction with the funeral home and Father Dane. Funerals are never permitted on Sunday, the day of the Resurrection of our Lord.

HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME VISTS—It is the family’s responsibility to notify Father Dane when a visit is necessary. It is advised to contact him immediately by calling him directly at 916-606-8808. Due to legal obligations, Father Dane is not at liberty to offer information regarding parishioner.

What Serbian Orthodox Church Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fair Oaks
 >Worship that is prayerful, authentic & fad-free
 >Challenging, thoughtful & contemporary sermons
 >Eye-opening Bible studies for teens & adults
 >Exciting  youth & children’s activities
 >Exciting Senior group
 >community outreach
 >A caring, non-judgmental church environment
 >Good food and fellowship!
 >Fun & diverse people!

In addition to being a Christian Orthodox Church that adheres to all the original doctrines of the church, we are also an ethnic community that embraces people from Serbian backgrounds, as well as other East European, American, Middle Eastern and East African nationalities, 

We are an Serbian Church in America, open to interfaith families and individuals who are eager to explore the liturgy and spiritual message of ancient Christianity. IF you’re looking for a church home, visit us and experience the blessings of an ancient Christian tradition in the midst of a modern city! IF you’re already a member of Serbian Church of Assumption in Fair Oaks, bring someone with you to Liturgy.

IF you wish to enjoy the experience of preparing and serving Serbian food and pastries, you are welcome to join one of our  Circle of Serbian Sisters work crews for  Serbian Festival, Church members and non-members are equally welcome!